Sacred Heart Girls Secondary School

Sacred Heart Girls Secondary School was opened way back on 8th March 1989. The school is Roman Catholic founded under Moroto Diocese Headed by the Sisters of Sacred Heart.

Offering both Ordinary and Advanced level classes. It is fully accredited by the Uganda National Examination Board as an Examination Centre.

This is the foundation of the school’s philosophy. Excelsior is a Latin word which means to exercise some rewarding curiosity. The motto therefore represents the virtues of being high, excellent, superior, and supreme. It is an inner power urging the girls to pursue what is higher, better, greater the more satisfying and that of superior quality. Its dynamism warns one constantly of the unfinished laps. The motto also represents the virtues of Patience, Discipline, Devotion, Perseverance, Faith, Sacrifice and Optimism. That is why at Immaculate Heart success is looked at as a treasure to be worked for. The students are always urged to aim highest in everything.

Enthusiastic staff

The school is endowed with an enthusiastic staff of higher caliber, highly motivated and well balanced between male and females; bringing together well trained and proven experiences by each of the team. The staff qualifications range from Bachelor of Education to Masters Degrees at the top of the Management ladder.

The school offers a wide range of activities through which talents and virtues such as faith, achievement, and assertiveness, availability, being the best and determination.